March 18, 2021
    7:00 PM EDT - 8:00 PM EDT
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    March 2021 Chapter Meeting


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    Practical application of Logical and Physical Modeling in Collibra: An Equifax Use Case

    As part of Equifax’s enterprise-wide technology transformation, we implemented Collibra with the intention that it become the one-stop-shop for metadata.  Our US business owns over 60 distinct information assets which are acquired through a variety of partners, furnishers and vendors, collectively referred to as contributors.  These data span many domains, or categories of information, and are used individually or in combination to produce information products.  As such, data is not a byproduct of our operations or production - it is literally both the raw material and the product!

    The conversation will begin with a brief overview of the three levels of a data model: Conceptual, Logical and Physical.  Data Management professionals often utilize data models proactively, in the planning, design and architecture phases.  However, in this case, we have a large number of systems that are already built.  The same principles apply, and we used them to organize vast quantities of metadata.

    This presentation will cover several aspects of this metadata journey, beginning with developing an Operating Model within Collibra, identifying stakeholders and subject-matter experts, and dividing the company (and it’s metadata) into Communities.  However the main focus will be on the various different physical environments at Equifax, and how we used Logical modeling principles to tie them together.  We will finish with some discussion of how we model information lineage throughout our various data supply chains.



    Gabriel Charvat has worked in data for over 16 years, first as an analyst and gravitating into Data Management over the last 10.  His educational background is in computational Physics and Finance.  During his career he has worked for non-profit, private and public companies, spanning several industries including investment management, financial services, retail, and environmental programming.

    He has been a Data Steward at Equifax for over five years, specializing in third-party data.  He is also responsible for Collibra implementation, onboarding and training within US Information Services.  His favorite part of the job is connecting different various business and technical users with the level of metadata that they need to do their work (better).