December 17, 2020
    7:00 PM EST - 8:00 PM EST
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    Data-Driven DevOps

    DevOps is a philosophical approach to software development and operations that encompasses the entire value stream from creation to delivery.  In short, the goal is to deliver quality, faster.  But how do we know if our efforts are successful?    This session  will focus o nthe key metrics behind measuring improvement for a DevOps transition, as well as discussing the challenges of implanting a framework to support them.

    We’ll discuss some of the key principles of the DevOps philosophy, and how it aligns with agile development and lean management.  We’ll also identify where analytic opportunities exist for measuring continuous improvement, as well as describe qualitative measurements.  Every organization will have different opportunities for collecting data, but there are general measurements which can be useful for predicting trends.  No DevOps journey is ever complete, but we can make progress.


    Stuart Ainsworth

    Sr Mgr, Service Reliability Engineering, Jack Henry & Associates

    Stuart Ainsworth (MA, MEd) manages a team of Service Reliability Engineers for the Gladiator Enterprise Information Security Services section of Profitstars, a division of Jack Henry and Associates.  He's a former DBA, developer, consultant, and public speaking professor.  He's one of the chapter leaders for AtlantaMDF, and a long-time organizer of SQL Saturday's.  He tweets infrequently (@codegumbo) and blogs even less often at


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