DAMA Small Groups


    • In addition to its regular and annual meetings where prominent Data Management professionals are invited to present, DAMA Gerogia also holds informal group discussions with local Atlanta area professionals. These get-togethers are held under the aegis of DAMA-GA Small Group Meetings (SGM). The intent of these discussions is to have a discourse on the issues and challenges facing the data management community and the topics usually relate to the elements of DMBOK2 wheel.


    • Active participation by the audience is highly encouraged as is the articulation of best practices for the area of interest being discussed. Past discussions topics have been Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Data Architecture and Information Security.



    • The next event is tentatively planned for April 11, 2019 at 6 PM in the Perimeter area at Rt 400/285 intersection. Exact location will be announced shortly. The proposed topic is "Data Integration & Interoperability". Attendees are encouraged to bring their current Data Integration challenges for discussion and review the content in chapter 8 of the DMBOK2 book. The book can be purchased at Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/DAMA-DMBOK-Data-Management-Body-Knowledge/dp/1634622340 or from Technics Publications at https://technicspub.com/dmbok/